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Since 1988


Expanded Polystyrene

Manufacturers of containers and packaging by EPS molding (Expanded Polystyrene)

Diversity Products

We cover a wide variety of customers and consequently a large diversity of products to be made, always in the field of product packaging.

Own Transportation

We have our own transport, in order to solve in a short space of time, any customer need ensuring a fast and efficient supply.


The Expanded Polystyrene, due to its peculiar properties, can be molded to produce products whose functions can go from being a purely protective object in a transport (toys, appliances, etc), to being an element that confers some properties, to the product that contain (stabilization against external temperatures, preservation of the product contained in the container, etc).

   As a summary we can consider the existence of two well differentiated products, which can be made with Expanded Polystyrene:

Food Packaging

The EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), has a variety of qualities that make it the ideal container for any type of food. We have a wide variety of containers that allow us to adapt to your needs: containers for fish and seafood, fresh and frozen; for fruits and vegetables; ice cream and pastry and drinks and dairy products.

Perfect Conservation

The EPS, perfectly preserved, the organoleptic characteristics of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.


The low temperatures are maintained, avoiding the interruption of the cold chain. It is therefore ideal for transporting both fresh and frozen food.

No Absorbs moisture

So it allows the packaged product to be sprayed with water or kept on ice.

Product Differentiation

At the point of sale, allows a clearer differentiation of the product, in relation to other types of packaging.

100% recyclable

It is a 100% recyclable and inert product (it does not generate molds or putrefaction bacteria).


The EPS complies with all regulations related to plastic materials in contact with food (we provide all the documentation required by the health authorities)

Ask us for information about the measures and if we do not have the packaging you need, you can make it in a short space of time.


In the field of packaging include three properties of expanded polystyrene, which make it very suitable for the packaging of a wide variety of products: toys, appliances, electronic material, sanitary material, furniture and a long list of products.

These properties are:

Shock absorption

Perfect protection against shock.


Great mechanical resistance


Lightness of the packaging, which facilitates its handling.

As there are no standard packages, ask us what you want to protect and we will manufacture the product that best suits your needs.



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